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Hi there. I'm Nic. If we're gonna work together, than it stands to reason that you should know a little bit about me. I've been full-time in music here in the Los Angeles area for over a decade now. During that time, I've played with, recorded for, mixed, or produced everything from local independent artists to international touring acts. I've also had my work used on top-rated podcasts, network TV shows, and even Hollywood movies. 

Although I am comfortable playing and recording on several instruments, my primary focus throughout life has always been the trumpet. It's the trumpet that has been my ticket to the world. I studied music at California State University, Long Beach, where I received degrees in both Jazz Performance and Musical Composition. During my professional career, I've been blessed to perform on three continents, at festivals including Glastonbury and Coachella, on legendary stages including the Hollywood Bowl, and on live productions such as the Late Show with David Letterman and the Academy Awards Governor's Ball. For several years, I performed daily at Disneyland as a member of several of the fan-favorite bands there. And, as a freelancer here in the entertainment capital of the world, I've had the privilege of playing trumpet with such artists as Wu Tang Clan, Belle & Sebastian, and funk legend George Clinton. 

In addition to having worked as a "sideman," I am also a full-fledged member of the world-funk band Delta Nove, and will be releasing our eighth independently-produced album, entitled "Beyond," in the summer of 2021. And, I'm the trumpet player and arranger of the Boombox "Backbeat Brass." 

As a producer, I draw from my vast and varied experience as a musician to draw the best out of the other musicians in my studio. My background in scoring and composition helps me to offer effective songwriting and arrangement advice to clients. My time spent in the pressure-cooker recording studios of Hollywood taught me valuable lessons about how to get a record-quality performance quickly and efficiently. And, my time spent on the road and on stage with such a large variety of acts gives me the real-world tools to help my clients bring their on-stage energy and personas into the recording studio.


In the end, all we're trying to do is have some fun together and make a great-sounding record. And I learn something new from every client I work with. So, if this sounds like something you'd like to do, then let's get started! 

In addition to my work as a musician and producer, I also offer private trumpet lessons. If you've come to my site looking for that, please click here for more information. 

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