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Check-In Sessions // Lesson Scheduling

To all,

Over the past week, several of you expressed interest in additional lesson time. So, I've decided to offer "check-in sessions" to you. These will be 20-minute time slots, scheduled at your convenience, in which we will work specifically on whatever material you request. If there's a particularly difficult passage in your recital music, for example, we'll focus specifically on that. Or, maybe there's a scale or chord progression you're working on soloing over. Whatever the topic, I'll give you performance tips and practice techniques to work out whatever specific issues are challenging you. To best make use of this time, it will be expected that you warm-up prior to your check-in session, so that we can dive right into the music you request to work on, and make the most out of these quick sessions. 

These 20-minute time slots are available as often as you'd like throughout the week, for the rate of $20 per session. If you'd like to sign up for a check-in, please just email me and say "I'd like to schedule a check-in for (day) and (time)." For example; "Monday morning" or "Friday afternoon," and I'll let you know what I have available for you. 

Of course, if you want to really "go for it" with your trumpet learning during this quarantine, there's always the option of just setting up a second full-length lesson time during the week. I'm certainly game for that, but I think we could accomplish a lot (for less money on your end) with these check-in sessions.

Additionally, lesson scheduling has been discussed with some of you. In efforts to keep things as normal as possible, I haven't moved anybody's lesson times around yet. However, I know that many of us feel we're more on top of things in the AM hours. So, if you'd like an earlier lesson day or time, please let me know, and I'll be sure to accommodate.

Thanks everyone. Stay safe out there.


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