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You love the way your music makes you feel.

Together, let's make a record that feels the same.

You love to create music organically, and love the feeling and excitement of playing live. That emotion, the soul of our music, can be elusive in the confines of a traditional recording studio. In my studio you'll find a comfortable home to get in your zone and perform your best. While you're making musical magic, I'll use my experience and equipment to capture a recorded sound that retains your in-the-flesh essence as an artist.

Big. Warm. Analog. We all grew up listening to great-sounding records, and we all know that classic album sound when we hear it. Whether you record here, in another studio, or at home, I can help make your mixes sound like the recordings of your dreams, utilizing hybrid techniques that incorporate my personally-selected analog and digital gear, as well as my experience and ears that I've trained through the years.

Your performance was inspired. Your mix sounds pristine. Heck, even your album artwork is a masterpiece. But you're not finished just yet. Mastering is the final link in your recording chain, the ultimate step that adds the shine, punch, and clarity of radio-ready tracks. Let me help you cross the finish line by mastering your song or album, and we'll create a timeless sound that you'll love today, tomorrow, and forever. 

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